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by Anonymous on 14 Jun 2009


I had problems with Vimeo. They use two different URLs to serve videos and also two video containers - flv and mp4.

So I modified python source and added additional squid rule for vimeo.

To squid.conf -> acl videocache_allow_url url_regex -i bitcast\.vimeo\.com\/vimeo\/v\/


if host.find('') > -1 and path.find('vimeo/v') > -1 and path.find('.flv') > -1: 

change to

if host.find('') > -1 and path.find('vimeo/v') > -1 and (path.find('.flv') > -1 or path.find('.mp4') > -1): 

Thank you.

1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 27 Jun 2009

Hi Anon,

Thanks for contributing your findings here in the forum. And thanks for using videocahce :)