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Would be well that the plug-in did also __Windows updates__ and some other sites

by Rainbow Goblin on 15 Mar 2011

I use other redirector also that to cache such sites:

Windows Updates
Symantec Liveupdate
AVG updates
Avira updates

and others like this. Usually I separate servers per destination. But there are greater firms as Akamei, CDN which at the same time serve both youtube and windowsupdates destination, thus I can to caching either one or another, but not both together.

Would be wonderful to add in a plug-in caching these too, Very simply to make it, I can send the second script if it is necessary.

1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 16 Mar 2011

Hello Sir,

We are working hard to provide support for more websites. But as already supported sites keep changing the way they stream videos, we often end up fixing the issues. We'll try to add support for caching of the content you have mentioned very soon.

Also it's possible to use multiple plugins with Squid using zapchain (

Thank you very much for your inputs :-)