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youtube caching problem

by hamsterbacke on 24 Dec 2009

Squid Cache: Version 2.6.STABLE18
on ubuntu 8.10 using latest videocache script.

you can see on the screenshot that the request answer gives the right url. if you copy the link and past in the the browser and hit enter the video wants to be downloaded.

but the youtube player displays "an error occurred, please try again later".

btw: it works with xtube.....
in the videocache.log it says as it should be:

2009-12-24 20:53:33,271 19308 8cd3415ddd023dd9 CACHE_HIT YOUTUBE Video was served from cache.
2009-12-24 20:53:33,271 19308 8cd3415ddd023dd9 NEW_URL YOUTUBE 303:

so whats going wrong? would be really great if youtube would also work... would save a lot of time and bandwitdh.

3 Answers

by hamsterbacke on 24 Dec 2009

btw: why does it show "content-length 0" in the answer header????

by hamsterbacke on 27 Dec 2009

got the solution! the addon noscript blocks it when "abe (application boundaries enforcer" is enabled.
in the rules section it's commented like this:
"# Prevent Internet sites from requesting LAN resources."

deactivate it and it works :)

by Anonymous on 11 Jan 2010

can't create new account so I'll just post my problem here

all works well on my setup.... almost
my is problem is that youtube video loads very very slow
that site opens fast but not videos

any suggestion/s on configuration?

here's my setup btw:
ubuntu runs as guest OS on windows 7

host OS:

win7 32bit
e5200 @ 3.2ghz
4gb ram(3.25 detected)
500gb hd

guest OS:

ubuntu 9.04
videocache 1.9.2
iniparse 0.3.1
768mb mem
25gb hd
2 cores running