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youtube caching problem recently with ver. 1.9.8

by marlowbg on 26 Jan 2012

I see this message in scheduler.log and videos from youtube are not cached.

26/Jan/2012:12:23:24 10573 ERROR YOUTUBE VIDEO_URL_ERR IrKzTyD60uU Could not determine video URL. -

3 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 30 Jan 2012


I just checked and everything seems to be working fine with videocache 1.9.9. Please upgrade your installation.

Thank You!

by marlowbg on 2 Feb 2012

it might be working fine with 1.9.9 but as I wrote, i am with 1.9.8 version, and I hoped that you will provide me some way to fix it.

Upgrade is easy, but it costs money and I purchased it more than a year back, so now i have to give full amount again?

That's not quite a good policy.

by Kulbir Saini on 13 Feb 2012


I am afraid to say that we couldn't make our licensing policy any easier.