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Youtube HD

by Anonymous on 7 Aug 2009

Youtube HD

Cache video caches Youtube files in the standard quality.When we click the HQ/HD button the movie is going from the cache and it is not in High quality but in the cached low quality .I have a partial fix to this.I adden two lines in the url_rewrite section:

acl videocache_deny1_url urlpath_regex -i (&itag=22|&itag=35|&itag=18|&itag=6)
url_rewrite_access deny videocache_deny1_url

Thoose lines makes that squid plays files with high quality directly from the site and the standard quality movies are still played from the cachevideo.

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by Wyzio1 on 7 Aug 2009

Hi Admin.I have a suggestion.I thinked aout the cachevideos to make them able to cache and play high quality movies from youtube.And the one idea was to make cache videos cache the same video with other qualities.This can be done with reading the fmt parametr from each video and then saving it as an extension to the file.Then when you will play the file in a HD quality then cachevideo plays the file with the fmt=22 extension , when low quality then with fmt=34 . I think that will be easy to do.The problem is that that would be a big waste of disk space to cache the same video four times in a another quality.

I think better would be.When i make a request to a video.Then cachevideos proofs the max quality of the video and caches the video version that has the best quality.Then when you will play a video then cachevideo make a conversion with an external converter (FFmpeg) to a Quality that yout will see (low,medium,high or HD) . Orginal youtube has this system , that it has one video in HD quality and then it converts it on the fly to an another requested by us Quality of the movie.I think thak can by also be done and it will wast not so much space for videos as the one suggestion.I think you will answer . Thanks :) Tom

by Kulbir Saini on 8 Aug 2009

Hi all!

Thanks for your constant efforts to improve videocache. Currently I am too busy with other works and can't promise to work on it. I'll get back as soon as possible and try to fix things and videocache will cache HD videos as well :)

Thank You!

by Wyzio1 on 8 Dec 2009

Hi Admin . I have a question.Where should i change the code of the program to make cachevideos save files from youtube with an fmt=35 argument and not with an standard fmt=34 argument .And then when i will play with standard quality then it plays with HQ quality from the cache and HQ too .But when i change to HD then it will play directly from youtube with HD quality . Now i have so that i cache standard quality and play it from the cache .All other HQ and HD quality formats are played directly from internet.It would be great to cache automaticly HQ format and play it in the HQ and LQ window and HD directly from internet (HD directly beacuse no all people have such an fast PC to play HD videos) .Sorry for my English .Tom :)

by vincent on 24 Dec 2009

Hi Kulbir!

It's been a while. :) I bought another server with 2 1-terabyte HDDs. im planning to utilize the 2 HDDs for videocaching, in setting the BASE DIR in the videocache.conf, will i just do it like this: base_dir = disk1/videocache1/ | disk2/videocache2/ ? or do i need to manually install everything instead of running the "python install" to set the 2 BASE DIRs on separate diks?

Please reply. thanks!


by Kulbir Saini on 27 Dec 2009

Hi Vincent,

Just change the base dir to base_dir = disk1/videocache1/ | disk2/videocache2/ and run the update script and it should work fine.

Let me know if you get stuck somewhere :)

Thank You!

by Anonymous on 28 Dec 2009

Well best thing to make a raid0 striping and reiser FS and use lighttpd as web server it will help you a lot but remember one thing for large cache you need to have big RAM I am using 16GB for 1.1 TB on 4*300 GB SCSI ... and saving up to 40 to 60 Mbits/s.

2 T.B the use 24 GB or 32 GB RAM.

More you Put more you get.

TheOne Khan