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Youtube is not cachable by videocache

by Anonymous on 11 Aug 2009

Dear Videocache admin
I have installed videocache many times, and they all went ok till a week ago, when all my servers stops cachig youtube ... i tried desperitly fix the problem by reinstalling videocache and even on new server but i failed .. Maybe google has changed somethong in there videos or maybe there is something else. I had to post it here as i think it is a major issue that needs to be revised from you ... thanks alot for your effort

2 Answers

by william on 13 Aug 2009

Hi Friend, Youtube change the Url from videos, now to do work videocache for youtube you need make changes in code of your videocache program
the details is in other thread of the forum please read. all.

by Anonymous on 15 Aug 2009

thanks alot William ... i will search throughthreads