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YouTube video Streaming

by Anonymous on 8 May 2011

Hi Kulbir,

I am facing a problem on YouTube caching. The videos are cached successfully but when I tried to open a video again from different PC on slow internet connection like 1 M link the streaming is so slow, even slower than to play it directly from YouTube without caching. I faced this issue on video of size 20 M.

Can you please help.


2 Answers

by raytaylor on 14 May 2011

I too am having this issue.
I have my threshold set to 2. And when two users request a video at 360p, the video cache downloads the HD 1080p version and the 3rd, 4th user cannot stream it because they are only on a 512k connection behind the cache.

It would be good if videocache only downloaded a 360p or 480p version and we could switch off HD video.

This option needs to be urgently implemented.

by Kulbir Saini on 16 May 2011


We acknowledge the issue and are currently working on a fix for this. Expect a fix soon. Thank you very much for your patience.

Thank You!