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[Resolved] Squid + Cache Videos on Mac OS X Leopard?

by Gurpartap Singh on 15 Nov 2008
If I'm provided with the right instructions, I'll be glad to test video caching on my Mac, if at all possible.

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vidoe cache not running properly

by Anonymous on 15 Nov 2008
INFO - NEW_URL YOUTUBE Error in parsing the url 2008-11-15 10:55:47,834 INFO REQUEST - ...

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we're sorry this video is no longer available

by salah on 7 Nov 2008
Hi all i did everything as been asked , the video is in youtube_cache folder ,but when i try to watch it, it gives me "we're sorry this video is no longer available" . the cache_host i changed it from to (ip of the cache pc) and the proxy to but same problem. any help please?? 10x in advanced

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cache youtube

by Anonymous on 7 Nov 2008
Hello okay installing the solution to this cache but it only working for the red tube and demias's not true, done after the cache of video when I saw him again he's the following message we re sorry this video is no longer available what could be I look forward thanks my dist Mandriva Linux 2008,1 squid 3.0 apache 2.2 python 2.9

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Statistics from youtube_cache.log by day

by lopan on 4 Nov 2008
Hello there, This a simple example, and a contribution, to Cache Video project using bash script to get some statistics from youtube_cache.log. For execute this, use: ./ n where n = number of day ago to get statistics. #!/bin/sh # lopan dot eti at gmail dot com (Author: Lopan) # GPL2 #Variables VIDEO_CACHE_DIR=/var/spool/video_cache VIDEO_CACHE_LOG=/var/log/youtube_cache/youtube_cache.log* #Arguments if [ -z $1 ] then DA=0 #if arg $1 = NULL use 0 (0 = today) else DA=$1 #set n days ...

6 Answers