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[Resolved] list index out of range

by Anonymous on 23 Nov 2008
This error has been occurring since 1.2 (Right now, 1.5) in my squid cache.log Exception in thread Thread-2: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.5/", line 486, in "bootstrap_inner File "/usr/share/youtube_cache/", line 763, in run download_scheduler() File "/usr/share/youtube_cache/", line 745, in download_scheduler log(format%(params[0], params[4], 'SCHEDULED', params[5], ...

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by Anonymous on 23 Nov 2008
Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/youtube_cache/", line 773, in ? log = set_logging() File "/usr/share/youtube_cache/", line 146, in set_logging filemode='a') File "/usr/lib/python2.4/logging/"init".py", line 1218, in basicConfig hdlr = FileHandler(filename, mode) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/logging/"init".py", line 757, in "init" stream = open(filename, mode) IOError: ...

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Python statistics program

by Anonymous on 22 Nov 2008
I've created a python program to generate some slightly advanced statistics from the cache logs. It's located here: It lists video totals, sizes, download dates, times watched, and bandwidth saved. Unfortunately, it's only accurate based on the logs it can read. Edit: Updated link

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Storing video data longer

by Anonymous on 21 Nov 2008
Is there a way to set squid to cache videos for a longer period of time than other cached data? I'd like to keep the videos for a week or so but trash the web cache after 12 hours.

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when using your youtube cache, it is double download?

by Anonymous on 21 Nov 2008
for example, i mean when i watching youtube, the browser will buffering/downloading, + youtube cache, also do another downloading the same video? that mean if the video is 10MB that mean browser download 10mb, youtube cache also do another download 10MB =total 20MB. that mean we r wasting download bandwidth?

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[Resolved] Install, Readme files missing url_rewrite_program and url_rewrite_children lines

by Anonymous on 19 Nov 2008
The critical lines url_rewrite_program /usr/bin/python /etc/squid/youtube_cache/ url_rewrite_children 10 are both missing in the Install and Readme files supplied in the tarballs and also in the man page.

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Access Denied

by Anonymous on 18 Nov 2008
ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved While trying to retrieve the URL: The following error was encountered: Access Denied. Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect. It appears to be an ACL problem How do I allow the following range through Squid

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Cache not working at all

by Anonymous on 17 Nov 2008
I've followed the example below and installed the older version, just as the example asks. Exact install steps Base debian install apt-get update apt-get install ssh python squid apt-get install libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libio-pty-perl libmd5-perl apt-get install python-urlgrabber apt-get install lighttpd wget http://debcache/linux/utils/libiniparser2_2.17-2~ppa4_i386.deb wget ...

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smoothwall - pfsense - m0n0wall - ipcop

by Anonymous on 16 Nov 2008
Hi, is it possible to install cachevideo with smoothwall, pfsense, m0n0wall, ipcop or others firewall?. Thank you.

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youtube_cache is caching but not serving

by salah on 16 Nov 2008
Hi i have centos5.2 , i installed youtube_cache v1.3 , videos are caching but not serving , also Apache is giving the Forbidden error. where my problem is i don't know. here are my config files: what else do you want me to send you? Thanks and waiting for your reply

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