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About moving to Different/Upgraded Hardware, License and your old FAQ.

by A. Barua on 5 Jun 2014
Hi, My concern is about system crash or hardware upgrades/changes. Suppose, I need to move my VideoCache service to a more upgraded hardware for more disk space and RAM as the old hardware cannot be upgraded. What will happen to my license? Same license will do or buy again? I remember your old site had a FAQ but the new site does not have one. I think I read about my concerns above in that FAQ but don't remember the answer. Will there be no FAQ here? A. Barua.

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erro while extracting video urls. 'sig'

by Mhd Iqbal Syahputra on 31 May 2014
hi, i see on my log, there's so many error warning like this 31/May/2014:23:18:11 7551 ERROR - YOUTUBE URL_EXTRACTION_ERROR FoTo9ADkCiA Error while extracting video urls. 'sig' 31/May/2014:23:18:12 7551 INFO - YOUTUBE CACHE_THREAD_REMOVE FoTo9ADkCiA Removed cache thread. - 31/May/2014:23:18:16 7551 INFO - YOUTUBE CACHE_THREAD_START mPHI75buwy8 Starting cache thread. - is there something error on my server?

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how to clear cache

by Road9 on 28 May 2014
Please let me know how to clear caches

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How to limit cache size

by Road9 on 24 May 2014
My hard drive is 500GB, how can i limt whole caching to 300GB for example? Thank you

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Transaction ID xxxxxxxxx

by Hilary Watherston on 25 Apr 2014
I've done the payment, please continue Please reply to email Admin, I've done the payment, please continue

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Videocache stopping signals in both servers

by Jorge Fabián Lange on 11 Apr 2014
Hi Kulbir, i recently see in both of my servers videocache are not working. 02/Apr/2014:02:08:31 18824 INFO - - VIDEOCACHE_EXIT - Received a stop signal from Squid server. Stopping Videocache. - I didnt see before. You have Access as always to one of my servers. Strange in both servers .... Please help.

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How To Install Videocache on Pfsense

by Kulbir Saini on 22 Mar 2014
This howto covers the videocache installation process on PFsense. We'll proceed assuming that you have squid already installed on PFsense. Install Python Use PFsense console or ssh to PFsense and use the following command # pkg_add -r python Install the additional needed libraries. # pkg_add -r py25-bsddb # pkg_add -r py25-gdbm # pkg_add -r py25-sqlite3 # pkg_add -r py25-tkinter Install URLGrabber Download the latest version of urlgrabber from URLGrabber Download Archive. # fetch ...

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https traffice only

by cajetan dsouza on 14 Mar 2014
Hi i have youtube server host with us.we does not need the youtube cache . we need http traffice like, , , ,antivirus site, mobile apps update , and many other..... we have 2 gigi bw without youtube traffice. pls let me know what hardware u suggest to get for cachevideo application. thanks cajetan dsouza

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FATAL: The redirector helpers are crashing too rapidly, need help!

by a.rifani17 on 15 Jul 2013
hi admin I need your help I wish there videocahce 2.1 and upgraded to 2.3. upgrade process successfully but when run vc-scheduler-s restart and / usr / local / etc / rc.d / squid restart squid will not start and the error message in cache.log appear as below. please help. thank you. 2013/07/15 11:51:57| 3342336 entries written so far. 2013/07/15 11:51:57| 3407872 entries written so far. 2013/07/15 11:51:57| 3473408 entries written so far. 2013/07/15 11:51:57| 3538944 entries written so far. ...

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how to know the license details of youtube from server itself ?

by dr.x on 14 Jan 2013
hi , i have debian server and i want to view the license youtube cahce details from server ??? i mean i want to see the remaining days .... etc . regards

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