Videocache is no longer in development.

Configuring VideoCache

VideoCache plugin and other components like vc-scheduler are managed by a single configuration file located at /etc/videocache.conf. The configuration file contains extensive documentation in form of inline comments. To customize VideoCache according to your environment, please go through the comments for the options you wish to set/modify and assign appropriate values.

The important options you may want to take a look at are client_email, cache_host, base_dir, max_cache_processes, max_cache_speed, disk_cleanup_strategy etc. Once you are done making changes, save the file and run the VideoCache update command vc-update as shown below

[root@white-magnet ~]$ vc-update
Videocache updated successfully. Please follow the following instructions now.

----------------------------------Step 1-----------------------------------------
Restart Apache web server on your machine by using the following command
[root@white-magnet ~]$ apachectl -k restart

----------------------------------Step 2-----------------------------------------
Restart videocache scheduler vc-scheduler using the following command.
[root@white-magnet ~]$ vc-scheduler -s restart

----------------------------------Step 3-----------------------------------------
Restart Squid proxy server daemon using the following command.
[root@white-magnet ~]$ /etc/init.d/squid restart

In case of any bugs or problems, visit and contact us.
[root@white-magnet ~]$

Follow the instructions printed carefully in order.