Videocache is no longer in development.

Monitoring VideoCache

VideoCache’s activity can be monitored via log messages it store in various log files as described below.

  • videocache.log - This log file is used for logging VideoCache Squid plugin’s activity. This mostly contains URLs recieved from Squid and whether VideoCache could find the requested videos in cache or not.
  • scheduler.log - All the background activity performed by VideoCache is logged to this file. This file contains messages about caching of videos from various websites.
  • cleaner.log - When VideoCache needs to clean old videos from cache to make way for new videos, corresponding activity is logged to this file.
  • trace.log - Whenever VideoCache encounters an error (plugin or background scripts), it’s traceback is logged to this file.
  • database.log - If database logging is enabled using enable_db_query_log, then all the database activity is logged to this file. Database logging is disabled by default.